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About Fashionable Adoptions

Fashionable Adoptions is an organization aimed at increasing pet adoption and helping alleviate overcrowding at animal shelters in San Antonio by combining fashion, philanthropy, and education to the public. We believe there needs to be more awareness surrounding animal adoption and kill shelters and our approach sheds a fun and fashionable light on an otherwise sad topic. Our hearts are pulled to the many furry faces that long to have a warm bed and family to call their own. We have partnered up with local shelters and organizations to help shine a light in a glamorous way to those who are eager to be loved.

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Founder : Crystal Lopez-Crebs

Crystal Lopez-Crebs

Crystal Lopez-Crebs took her passion and love for animals and created Fashionable Adoptions. Her fire to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves in sewn into all the work that she has done to be a voice for the cause. Whether volunteering her time at the shelter, creating events to bring awareness, or going home to love on her own dog and appreciate the true value an animal can have on your life, Crystal lives to advocate for all animals.



Are you a fabulous animal lover? We would love to have you join our team for our events and other projects we are working on! Let's help our local animals find their happy homes in a fun, fashionable way!